Desert Foothills Land Trust Modified Trail Hours

We have great news to share!

As you know, our executive committee met on December 15 to review a connectivity concern for the network of trails managed by DFLT, State Land Department, Town of Cave Creek, and Maricopa County. The Land Trust’s trail hours (dawn to dusk) were the most restrictive of this group of landowners. State Land Department and the Town have no hours, and the County has hours of 6 am – 8 pm Sunday through Thursday, and 6 am – 10 pm on Friday and Saturday.

The Desert Foothills Land Trust has modified hours on a small section of their trails to allow extended hours of legal interconnectivity. See below for a portion of the update from DFLT. DFMBA is very grateful for DFLT’s ability to quickly address and resolve the concerns of the community.

“In order to allow trail users to connect across all of these trails, our executive committee has modified our trail hours for a small section of trail at P.A. Seitts Preserve at Go John Canyon to match the County’s hours as stated above. We are undertaking a full review of our trail rules which will take a few months, but we want to make this change to allow the connectivity that is currently needed. We hope that this change allows legitimate trail users to access a loop trail across these lands, alleviating pressure on the wildcat trails off Surrey Road. The remainder of our preserve trail system will still be open only dawn to dusk until further notice. Additionally, there was concern from trail users that our downstream preserve, Desert Enclave, had the same restriction on hours. However, that trail alignment along New River Road includes a Town trail easement, so that trail is subject to their hours.” From: Sonia Perillo, Executive Director DFLT.